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Crystal Properties

Crystals have been used for decades used as tokens, by talisman for their crystal healing properties, in home decor, Feng Shui, jewelry making, electronics and so much more. 


Every crystal holds a unique and different healing property, vibrational energy and meaning. Use the included property links as a guide while picking your favorites.  

Along your path of self discovery and learning, you can learn to resinate and harness the magical energies crystals behold.  Crystals can be used to support you mentally and physically day to day or when your in need of more peace, harmony and balance.


Explore the following links and see what crystals your drawn to and the meanings of them.   This is a guide to properties and to help you educate yourself to choose a little more wisely, but you should use your intuition as well!  If you need help or guidance please connect with me on the contact page.

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